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IBM Report: Capitalizing on Complexity

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Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Study Do you occasionally sit back and wonder why work is so complicated?  What happened to our worlds of work when we knew almost every day how to attack and beat back the infamous “to-do” list?  A good day ten years ago was when I finished all but […]

The Company vs. The Individual

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When I began working at my current company in 2005, I was completely unprepared for the cultural shift I was about to experience.  My ideals and pursuit for professional results were an apparent match for those of the company, but my preferred behaviors and approach to work were very out of sync with “the company”.  […]

What Community College Leaders Think…

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Over the summer of 2010, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview community college presidents, provosts, vice presidents and deans, to better understand the challenges and opportunities that these institutions face as they navigate through these historically tough economic times. Over the course of the next several blogs, I’ll share some common themes that came up consistently during […]