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How much is the world changing?

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We are often faced with humbling facts about the human impact on the world. For example, I read a statistic from The Hay Group: more than 160 million employees worldwide are set to leave their organization. Well, honestly I am skeptical by nature about such grandiose claims of profound knowledge, but as I enjoy wild statistics and they […]

BHDP Designs New Bowling Green State University Chemistry Lab

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Bowling Green State University (BGSU) opened a new organic chemistry lab for students this fall. The new lab is open to all chemistry majors, as well as many other science students.  According to a BGSU newsletter article, “the fresh new space, completely redone and renovated, provides a state-of-the-art learning and teaching environment that is also […]

The Importance of Strategy in Corporate Real Estate

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Corporate Real Estate (CRE) teams are evolving their areas of focus from the traditional three prongs of portfolio planning, design and construction, and facilities management to include strategy. Strategy includes addressing essential issues like company vision, workplace effectiveness, worker performance and employee engagement. In the article, “”Trends in Corporate Real Estate: The Role of Strategy“” […]