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Seat taken? Finding a Place to Work in the Open Office

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Last week, we shared an article by BHDP Client Leader and Senior Workplace Strategist Brady Mick discussing the pros and cons of an entirely unassigned seat workplace. A reader responded with these inspiring questions: “Having always had a permanent seat at work, I’m curious how companies handle someone being at work and not finding a […]

A Seat to Call “Home”—The Pros and Cons of Unassigned Seating in the Workplace

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Brady Mick, RA, MCR.w, Client Leader and Senior Workplace Strategist presented a webinar with Work Design Magazine on the benefits—and hurdles—to unassigned seating in the workplace. Brady continues the conversation by discussing three popular strategies for creating open seat-plans.   There are so many questions around taking the plunge to a 100 percent unassigned workplace, […]