Think Creatively
Stay Curious
Foster Collaboration
Deliver Excellence
Be Bold

At BHDP, we’re challenged every day to live by those words. It’s not just about what we do every day — it’s who we are.

Professional Development

At BHDP we emphasize the necessity of education and research and have invested in employee-centered, professional, and academic programs to align these initiatives with the firm's vision. Our continuing education program, “Baxter U”., which offers over 100 educational opportunities a year, is a testament to the commitment the firm has made to further elevate our employee’s careers. Additionally, all employees meet annually with senior leaders to develop career plans to advance their careers.

Benefits & Wellness

We are committed to our employee’s health and well-being. In addition to offering a comprehensive benefits package, we provide annual health days, health challenges such as “maintain don’t gain” and “biggest loser”, and other wellness activities like our Walk Club to encourage a balance between work and life.

BHDP Architecture

BHDP is an equal opportunity employer.

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