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Collaboration vs. Innovation

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Do you know the difference between collaboration and innovation? Brady Mick, client leader at BHDP, explores his philosophy on the topic in an article that appeared in the January/February 2014 issue of the International Facility Management Association’s Facility Management Journal. Mick discusses a workplace shift from collaboration to innovation and how it translates into the design of physical office and workspaces.

According to Mick, collaboration in the work place involves a group of employees working together to find a long-term solution to a problem, which often leads to “the same solutions to the same old problems.”

Innovation is the opposite. It requires a fresh look at old problems in order to achieve a different solution to the problem, and break work problems.

As Mick explains, workplaces are evolving from a collaborative environment to an innovation environment, requiring office design to change, too. He suggests rethinking a collaborative design plan, with traditional conference rooms and fixed tables, and encourages a more innovative design, with team rooms, mobile furniture and updated technology.