A Roadmap for Creating Positive Futures

The approach of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is vitally important to our work with our customers’ organizations.

As we continue to enter worlds of work that focus of what are traditionally called “softer” aspects of the human condition (feelings, behaviors, caring, relationship, etc.) we must understand the confluence of ideas that are presented in this paper.  Written in 2002, the paper makes a compelling case for integrating our sentient and rational thinking approach to architecture with our intuitive and emotional cognitions so we may approach architecture from the relationships between people within the place; i.e. Relationship Architecture.

Today the intuition and emotion principles of design remain in the realm of the individual mind and preference of the designer.  Together with the strategist, tomorrows design approach comes forth from the standpoint of relating to our clients positive natures, their successes and their greatest value.  By integrating our past tactical approaches with today’s relationship architecture, we will be able to move from working to fix our customer ills, failures and shortcomings (their “pain”), to expanding their value, purpose and results.

Appreciative Inquiry represents a profound shift in the way we engage with our customers, their clients and the change factors that spin their worlds.  We have the unique ability, and a powerful responsibility, to help our customers gain the results of appreciative inquiry, by simply bringing our natural curiosity, our strategic services & tool, and our inborn desire to re-sculpt our world through creation of space, coupled with the creation of Relationship Architecture.

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