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10 Lessons Grocers Can Learn From Department Stores

Posted on by Andrew McQuilkin

Each month brings with it another new dominant headline on how one of our most frequent shopping experiences – buying groceries – will be forever changed. Curbside pickup. Driverless cars delivering to our homes. Automatic checkouts. The technological rush shows a willingness by the largest chains to ensure they outmaneuver upstarts and avoid suffering the […]

Making Sense of Brand Loyalty

Posted on by Andrew McQuilkin

If our five senses determine how we perceive the world, brick-and-mortar businesses should plan experiential moments that leverage all the power of our senses to create a brand impression. This is where physical retail has the most significant advantage over online. And since there are millions of combinations, each retailer can deliver a brand promise that is memorable — an impression beyond location, quality, price, selection and service.

Safe Stores: Five Design Ideas to Help Customers Feel Safer

Posted on by Andrew McQuilkin

Andrew McQuilkin, retail market leader at BHDP, discusses ways his team helps retailers design with shopper’s safety in mind by creating safe stores. During a recent European Department Store conference session on the global purchasing power of Chinese nationals, a fellow audience member—the president of a major department store—whispered to me: “No one’s talking about […]