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Change Leadership and Change Management: There Is a Difference

Posted on by Brian Trainer

Successful implementation of a change management plan requires change leadership skills that smooth the way for all parties when most needed—at the inception. By Brian Trainer Here’s a typical scenario. An organization’s leadership creates a vision for a dynamic new workplace design, now awaiting construction. When the vision is shared, it will require a need […]

Why Innovation Needs Its Own Space

Posted on by Brian Trainer

By Brian Trainer Innovation is the lifeline of every growth strategy. So much has been written about the subject that broaching it is likely to elicit an apathetic response; e.g. “we’ve heard it all before.” Yet amid all the theories and philosophies espoused as keys to innovation, one that deserves more exploration is the space […]

Designing Workplaces Engineered For Innovation

Posted on by Brian Trainer

Companies have long focused on fostering collaboration among employees, envisioning it as a solution to lagging innovation. To that end, architects have designed more and more open workspaces, where employees now easily and frequently interact. But it turns out that while this enhanced collaboration has improved bottom line results, it hasn’t necessarily generated the new […]