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The Role of Physical Space in Corporate Learning and Development

Posted on by Chris LaPata

Innovative use of space to create a learning environment that positively affects engagement and retention requires a strategic and coordinated effort backed by senior leadership commitment. Corporate learning and development (L&D) programs, no matter how compelling, may not be enough in and of themselves as the foundation for developing engaged and productive employees. Historically, the […]

Preparing for a Cooling Economy

Posted on by Chris LaPata

Leverage your real estate portfolio for an eventual downturn in the market. By Chris LaPata Although the sting of 2008 may not register for some of today’s workforce, many clearly recall the excesses leading up to the Great Recession. To mitigate risk related to a corporate real estate portfolio, leaders must identify shifts in economic […]

Partnering to transform the employee experience: Citrix’s journey to align people, place and technology

Posted on by Chris LaPata

How can companies align physical space, culture, and technology to deliver an employee experience for the digital age, with company values at the core and improved productivity as a result? One path is to transform the workplace. This makeover is not simple and requires a well-thought-out plan that considers corporate values, business strategy, and vision of […]

Design Thinking and the Innovative Workplace

Posted on by Chris LaPata

Leading organizations recognize maintaining the status-quo is a failed strategy in today’s rapidly expanding and shifting business climate. As a result, they have come to realize the best and only option is to innovate if they plan to thrive in a competitive marketplace. Without innovation, organizations risk the possibility of either being acquired by a […]

Leading a Culture of Innovation and Creativity

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How can you make your organization more innovative, adaptive, and creatively competitive? After studying 200+ companies, global design firm IDEO has identified six essential qualities to drive innovation and creativity.  IDEO’s David Aycan shared a framework around these qualities, the data behind them, and stories of companies working hard to develop the culture, processes, and […]

My Transition from Hard-Goods to Professional Services continues…

Posted on by Chris LaPata

My first 60 days on the other side of the fence have proven to be enlightening. The transition from sales leadership and consulting on the manufacturing side of our workplace “eco-system” to pure consulting with an Architectural and Design firm has been rife with “Fish out of Water” moments, but educationally stimulating none the less. […]