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The Workplace of the Future

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STUDENTS LEARN TO BE COMFORTABLE WITH AMBIGUITY. BY DOMINIC IACOBUCCI AND AARON BRADLEY WHAT’S THE BEST way to prepare students for the rapidly changing workplace of the future? Teach them to address complex problems through ideation and creative problem-solving techniques. And, most important, help them recognize that some problems have no easy—or right—answers. That’s the […]

Making Sense of Sensors

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By Dominic Iacobucci and Brad Johnson A sensor is an electronic device that measures and captures data of variation in environmental stimulus. In today’s world, people encounter sensors throughout their day—at home, in the workplace, and at other locations. In a spatial workplace environment, sensors measure environmental aspects such as noise and light, while gathering […]

Space As A Service: It’s Time To Break The Norm

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Why we should design spaces that are upgradable and adaptable to match the ever-changing organization. Typically, organizations construct new or update space for their employees as a capital investment. While intended to serve the purpose for the long-term, the reality is as organizations evolve, the space remains stagnant. Then a decade or more later, funds […]

Future Forward Visions

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  Future of Work Picturing the workplace of the future has always been part of the facility manager’s job, but it’s never been more challenging than it is today. Technology that affects the workplace is advancing at a rapid pace—sometimes reflecting changes in society, sometimes actually driving those changes. With employment patterns evolving as well, […]