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BSC and the Use of Gas

Posted on by George Kemper

This article, presents a pretty good argument in favor of not allowing gas in a BSC. Many companies utilize gas in the BSC (Biological Safety Cabinet) to sterilize their loops. As consultants we need to bring these potential issues up to our clients when discussing how they will be using the BSC. • The flame […]

Collaboration in the Laboratory

Posted on by George Kemper

I just came upon a blog on that asked the question How Scientist Really get Trained?  They asked the readers to select from a list of resources including classes, journals, bosses, and lab mates/ colleagues. With 72% of the popular vote it was lab mates/ colleagues followed by: the internet 44%, PI/Boss 41%, journals […]

Hypothesis: Architects and Scientists Have a lot in Common

Posted on by George Kemper

Growing up in a house with a research chemist and designing laboratories for the last 15 years I have observed firsthand that  we share many similarities in what we do and our process.    I guess that my initial predisposition to the above hypothesis starts with a belief that architecture is the marriage between artistry and […]