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Dynamic Modeling and Simulation: Synchronizing Operations With the Built Environment

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Dynamic Modeling and Simulation: Synchronizing Operations With the Built Environment In any business where production efficiency is vital to success, especially the industrial, manufacturing and research sectors, every upgrade, renovation or expansion creates the opportunity to deliver productivity improvements. Yet, too often, improvements also create unexpected upstream and downstream challenges that disrupt an operation’s overall effectiveness. […]

Three Reasons Why Modeling & Simulation is a “Must” for Today’s Facility Planning and Design

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Michael Verdier and Sam Zhang of BHDP’s industrial team explain how modeling and simulation can analyze production bottlenecks and improve design outcomes.   With all of the bottom-line benefits today’s Modeling & Simulation (M&S) technology offers, why are so many companies continuing to plan and design facilities, such as manufacturing plants, through outdated approaches? Capital […]

Capacity Expansion in Developing Regions

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Michael Verdier, P.E. and market leader of the Integrated Industrial Design segment at BHDP, discusses several critical strategies for capacity expansion in developing regions. Relying on personal experience as the program manager for the expansion of a greenfield manufacturing production facility in Nigeria, Verdier outlines many potential pitfalls and recommends solutions when working in areas […]

Manufacturing Plant Standardization

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Faced with fierce market competition, the success or failure of any manufacturing business is often dependent on strategy and follow-through to achieve breakthroughs in productivity improvement, costs reductions and beating the competition to the marketplace. In this article by Michael Verdier, market leader of Integrated Industrial Design at BHDP, outlines how an investment in Manufacturing […]