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Designing For Innovation In The Workplace

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A facility focused on research spurred steel manufacturer AK Steel to craft spaces conducive to collaboration and inspiration. Companies have long focused on fostering collaboration among employees, envisioning it as a solution to lagging innovation. To that end, architects have designed more and more open workspaces, where employees now easily and frequently interact. But it […]

University Chemistry Labs Redesigned

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BHDP has redesigned the way university chemistry labs should look and feel. Out with cinderblock walls and dated furniture, and in with custom labs, state-of-the-art cameras, flat screens and lounge areas.  George Kemper, architect and senior laboratory planner at BHDP, explains in the March/April issue of School Construction News how BHDP worked with Cleveland State University to transform its chemistry […]

Collaboration in the Laboratory

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I just came upon a blog on Benchfly.com that asked the question How Scientist Really get Trained?  They asked the readers to select from a list of resources including classes, journals, bosses, and lab mates/ colleagues. With 72% of the popular vote it was lab mates/ colleagues followed by: the internet 44%, PI/Boss 41%, journals […]

Hypothesis: Architects and Scientists Have a lot in Common

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Growing up in a house with a research chemist and designing laboratories for the last 15 years I have observed firsthand that  we share many similarities in what we do and our process.    I guess that my initial predisposition to the above hypothesis starts with a belief that architecture is the marriage between artistry and […]