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Five Futures For The Post-COVID-19 Workplace

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Work design and real estate professionals (along with everyone else) have fervently dissected the pandemic along with possible responses for corporate real estate post-COVID-19 and presumptive return to workplace scenarios over the last two months. Not surprisingly, questions beget questions. Practical recommendations have been delivered alongside fanciful gimmicks. It is tough to discern the difference, […]

Healthy Buildings Are More Important Than Ever

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As the coronavirus pandemic rages, smart updates and thoughtful safety measures focused on health and wellness will be needed to help people feel good about returning to work. The healthy building movement has changed the way facility managers evaluate their buildings, but the coronavirus pandemic is bound to change it even more. As people return […]

Stop Designing Your Workplace Around Millennials

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Stop thinking about millennials when designing your workplace. Here’s what to think about instead. By T. Patrick Donnelly Research shows flexible workplaces that follow a lifespan of your employees are more important.  All too often, executives look at their office design and workplace environment with a narrow focus. Millennials. Millennials. Millennials. They will be the […]

Why Innovation Needs Its Own Space

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By Brian Trainer Innovation is the lifeline of every growth strategy. So much has been written about the subject that broaching it is likely to elicit an apathetic response; e.g. “we’ve heard it all before.” Yet amid all the theories and philosophies espoused as keys to innovation, one that deserves more exploration is the space […]

Partnering to transform the employee experience: Citrix’s journey to align people, place and technology

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How can companies align physical space, culture, and technology to deliver an employee experience for the digital age, with company values at the core and improved productivity as a result? One path is to transform the workplace. This makeover is not simple and requires a well-thought-out plan that considers corporate values, business strategy, and vision of […]