How much is the world changing?

We are often faced with humbling facts about the human impact on the world. For example, I read a statistic from The Hay Group: more than 160 million employees worldwide are set to leave their organization.

Well, honestly I am skeptical by nature about such grandiose claims of profound knowledge, but as I enjoy wild statistics and they tend to stick in my head, I went in search of internet verification (another naive approach – I know).  In four minutes (yet another sign of the times) I failed in my search, but I did find an impactful web site that I just stopped and watched and thought about for another four minutes. Worldometers has a wow factor that is hard to not pause on – akin to watching an accident happening real time…

I can’t help but wonder; if 53 million cars have been produced this year, how many have been destroyed, in what way and where are they?  At the bottom of the ocean??

When will the number of obese people in the world (527 million as of this date) surpass the number of undernourished people (896 million as of this date)?  What are the consequences of this moment in human history?

And I turned off the lights in my kitchen after watching the energy consumption meters. Yikes!

Find your most impactful statistics; and please share back with me.