The Luck Factor

Get lucky recently?  This old saying comes from the idea of receiving more benefit than the effort it took to get the results.  Who doesn’t want more for less!  Some people appear to have a knack to achieving more.  They seem to possess more luck than others.  Why?  Are they more intelligent, or more psychic?

In his 2003 book, “The Luck Factor”, Dr. Richard Wiseman believes he found some answers to the question of why one person has more luck than another person.  Dr. Wiseman conducted research on 400 “lucky / unlucky” individuals over 8 years.  In his results he points to “behaviors”, not mysticism, as the cause of one individuals success over another.

Boiled down, the “luckier” individual displayed the following four behaviors over the “unlucky”. They are more skilled at:

–      creating and noticing chance opportunities
–      make decisions by listening to their intuition
–      create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations
–      adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.

More simply put, these people behave with:

–      attention
–      intuition
–      positivity
–      resilience

As we work to provide expertise to our customers, each of us could condition ourselves to increase these four behaviors.

–      We can pay more attention to the needs of the people we serve and forego our personal needs.
–      We can bring our intuition to solutions and creations to provide the greatest solutions to our customer issues.
–      We can be more positive in understanding the difficulties in the struggles and decisions our customers face.
–      We can display greater resilience and acceptance during the times of rejection and roadblocks that we
encounter with our customers.

If each of us were to serve each other and our customers with these four behaviors, our volume of luck would have no choice but to increase.

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