Workplace 2030

Johnson Controls has self-funded a large body of research on the workplace.  One of the results is a paper called “The Smart Workplace of 2030”. The language of the paper suggests that the current trend we see toward community space, with emphasis on collaboration and innovation, will be in full maturity in 2030.  The “Key Outputs” are defined as:

  • The permanent physical location of work is the Hive
  • Work grows through Cloud Networks
  • The Eco Office becomes intelligent growth zones where individuals with a common interest meet and collaborate
  • Collective knowledge zones form a powerful collective intelligence, which is then automatically scanned, recorded and classified to use in business results
  • Our technology solutions are intuitive, embedded in our environment and non intrusive, yet controllable by each individual
  • The Smart Worker is equipped with remarkable technological tools and solutions, intuitive systems and solutions

The curiosity of this list is that it leaves gaps in defining the behaviors of people who will do the work of 2030.  The results assume that the value of work and the reliance on technology will be similar to today.  In actuality, it may not.  If the workplace continues its current trend of not embracing the sophisticated, readily available technologies that are available to the individual, then technology in the workplace may play a less important role.

The key importance of the office of 2030 may not be reliance on technology, but may center on the need to be in relationship with others. The hive seems a possible setting to accentuate the needed behaviors of connection in relationship.

Another analogy may be the creation of the equivalent to the “great room” in a home.  The Smart Workplace will shed the individual office spaces (bedrooms) to embrace the shared rooms that bring people together in relationship toward the creation of shared results.

The article is a good read to stimulate a vision of what the future workplace may need to encompass.

For additional review of the research, see the following link.  BHDP is developing a relationship with Marie Puybaraud, PhD, Director Global WorkPlace Innovation at Johnson Controls.

The Smart Workplace in 2030 Summary