BHDP was challenged to create a transformative 21st century science facility within the confines of the existing William Gaston Science Building at Belmont Abbey College.

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Through the development of a physical master plan, BHDP translated the College’s vision, goals, and objectives into an achievable roadmap for a re-imagined Science Building that would be collaborative, flexible, innovative, student-centered, and stay true to its Benedictine roots. The building was analyzed for efficiency to provide additional programmatic elements including classrooms, labs, and collaboration spaces. Open office layouts were planned to reduce the office square footage required in the building, and a focus on the student experience will allow for greater wayfinding, branding, collaboration and active learning.

The first of multiple phases of the master plan involved renovations of existing classrooms and laboratories into new chemistry and biochemistry labs. Currently under construction, the second phase will add a new exterior entry to the building.