In early 2017, BHDP entered into a strategic design partnership with Galen College of Nursing to establish a strong, consistent and forward-thinking brand for the growing College to create a higher education campus student experience throughout their multiple campuses across the United States.

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The fundamental challenge for the Tampa Bay facility was to create a design strategy to transform an aging corporate office building into an innovative learning environment with a campus-like feel where students would want to spend long periods of their day engaged in collaborative learning experiences.

Through thoughtful planning of new classrooms, learning spaces, science labs, a simulation center, the Sharon A. Roberts Library, warm colors, and natural daylight, students are afforded a warm and welcoming educational experience in an array of spaces designed to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to become confident care givers in the health care profession. Experiential graphics depicting Galen College’s core values such as Honor, Embrace, Fulfill, Potential and promoting its brand tagline Pure Nursing are also a significant part of the student experience.

The early returns from student comments regarding the Tampa Bay transformation have been overwhelmingly positive, however Galen is now faced with a new challenge from this recent success; according to CFO Joe Peters, “The Tampa campus has become so popular that students are now spending longer hours here; so much so that accommodating their increasing parking needs is a new challenge that we are exploring.”