The Diggs Laboratory is a 45,000 sf. research facility on Wright State University’s campus. This building provides much needed laboratory space for the life science research initiative within the College of Science and Mathematics and the College of Medicine.

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The simple organization of the building places the labs and offices along the perimeter of the facility to take advantage of daylight and views. The core of the building houses unoccupied laboratory support spaces, such as storage and specialized equipment rooms. The labs are clustered together in an open plan providing increased efficiency and flexibility as lab program needs evolve, encouraging collaboration among researchers, and enabling broad views and enhanced daylighting across the bays.

An atrium at the southern edge of the building serves as a circulation zone while shielding the more sensitive and continuously occupied south facing labs from the intensity of the sun. The high efficiency curtainwall expanse at the atrium provides borrowed light for the laboratories and allows for the research activities and student presence within the building to be prominently seen – showcasing science to those moving throughout the building and campus. The building’s single conference room, designed for collaboration, is a highlight feature of the facility. Diggs Lab is certified LEED Gold, the first LEED Gold science lab in the mid-west.