A glittering grand light feature greets the visitors to the first Saks Fifth Avenue location in Toronto, located within the Hudson’s Bay store. At 27 feet by 16 feet, the oval-shaped fixture encircles the center structural column in the main entrance. The light feature is made up of 600 glass rods at varying lengths between 18 inches and 36 inches. Suspended from a mirror-finished laminated backplate and secured with a combination of steel and polycarbonate components, each rod is internally lit with LED lights.

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The biggest challenge in this project was managing the weight of the structure. The light feature consisted of multiple layers; the glass rods, the mirror-finished MDF, the plywood subframe and the steel upper framing. The glass rods weighed between 2 1/2 to 5 pounds each and together with the multiple layers, the total structure weighed 7,000 pounds. The plywood subframe was used to secure the rods and the steel framing was anchored into the concrete beams above to support the entire structure.

Each of the 30 drivers powered 20 glass LED rods. This complex wiring and placement of the various sized rods required precise installation. The final mirror-finished laminated MDF was attached to the plywood with hidden z-clips for a seamless finished surface with no exposed fasteners.

Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) is North America’s oldest company, currently managing nearly 49 million square feet of retail space. Having acquired the Saks Fifth Avenue brand, HBC sought help from BHDP to condense their existing flagship (the largest retail store in all of Canada) into 700,000 square feet, thereby allowing space to introduce a 150,000 square foot Saks flagship at this world-class shopping destination.