In collaboration with Macy’s Design Team, BHDP transformed the fourth floor of Macy’s historic Herald Square building from a Juniors Department to an elegant Women’s Ready-to-Wear destination.

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Using its iterative Design Process, BHDP gained a deep understanding of Macy’s brand and the project deliverables: 1) Design an immersive environment that celebrates Macy’s brand heritage while adding a layer of sophistication and femininity; 2) Showcase its wide breadth of exclusive brands and core amenities with an inviting floorplan that’s intuitively navigable for customers; 3) Utilize natural light; and 4) Integrate and anchor the floor with two major brands (Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger) while still celebrating the Macy’s brand hierarchy.

The finished product meets Macy’s goals with an invigorating new design featuring a soft, sophisticated grey, lilac and white palette that creates a seamless path full of unanticipated discovery; while the strategic placement of iconic brands like Tommy and Lauren act as bookends to anchor this re-energized department. A proscenium arch not only frames other signature brands but also establishes a brand hierarchy to assist shoppers along their journey. Architectural Mondrian screens create an easy rhythm between shoppers and brands; with the screens’ palettes subtly changing across the Bridge, Modern and Casual departments begin to mirror the merchandise. A denim bar provides an innovative solution to display multiple brands in one place and allows customers to easily compare prices, styles and fit.

Customers are responding in an extremely positive way, and with their pocketbooks. And, it’s contagious: “Every time we open up a new store, there is a halo effect on the areas that have already opened,” Tom Herndon, Macy’s SVP Store Design. (Architectural Record)