The Washington Park project included the renovation and expansion of one of the most important historic and urban parks in Cincinnati.

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Taking inspiration from the surrounding cultural institutions including Music Hall and Memorial Hall, BHDP was determined to come up with a design that would maintain the park’s historical charm, but would revitalize the space with modern amenities. The project successfully transformed an underutilized public space into a green oasis for residents and visitors, serving as a catalyst for redevelopment in the adjacent neighborhoods.

The two-acre extension of the park included the addition of a 450-space underground parking garage. Three garage portals connect the garage to street level, delivering visitors into the park through light filled glass boxes that provide security and visibility while allowing daylight to filter into the garage levels below. This transparency allows the buildings to blend into the context, placing the focus on the landscape and activity within the park.

In addition, other new structures included a comfort station, concession stand and performance stage. Materials and details for the new buildings were carefully chosen to compliment the established surrounding buildings. Green roof technology was also implemented throughout the park, including all new park structures and the parking garage.