Fifth Third’s Indianapolis office needed to better communicate business goals, integrate brand messaging, and refresh their outdated workspace. BHDP was enlisted to redesign the 20,000 sf office based on the client’s vision to “implement a design aesthetic that is forward-thinking, meaningful, and enables a flexible, dynamic work environment.”

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Closed offices lined the perimeter of the floor preventing natural light from reaching farther into the office and existing walls created a barrier between leadership and employees. With nearly 90 employees in cubicles, Fifth Third realized the need to redesign the space to promote collaboration and increase interaction. The most drastic change implemented was the elimination of nearly all walls within the office and the redistribution of offices from the outside perimeter to the core. Cubicles were exchanged for significantly more collaboration space, huddle rooms, and phone booths. The few remaining offices now utilize glass storefronts allowing executives to be more accessible to their employees.

BHDP’s design team utilized an urban planning approach to emphasize human-centered design and integrated Fifth Third’s three elements of design – Variety, Choice, and Flexibility – to create paths, landmarks, and neighborhoods, to increase flow, to create an even spread of space types, and to ensure better proximity for employees. Using natural materials such as wood, concrete, and green elements, along with the increased natural light, improved the mood of employees. Interactive experiential graphic design elements, including graphic displays of references to the local geography and Fifth Third’s history, helped employees feel more engaged with their new workspace.

  • Fifth Third Bank front desk area
  • Fifth Third Bank conference room
  • Fifth Third Bank kitchen area
  • Fifth Third Bank agile working space
  • Fifth Third Bank idea lab
  • Fifth Third Bank lounge area
  • Fifth Third Bank conference rooms
  • Fifth Third Bank flexible seating area
  • Fifth Third Bank collaboration station
  • Fifth Third Bank EGD signage