Ready to showcase their new brand image, Possible Worldwide recruited BHDP to help reinvent their existing workspace.

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The goal of the redesign was to position the client journey at the forefront of the experience. This experience begins in the lobby, where clients are wowed right away and greeted with a “touch wall”—a modular expression of who they are and what they do.

Color is used to reinforce Possible’s brand in a simple and powerful manner. A two-foot tall datum begins at the entry and travels the length of the space, identifying the client path. Stops along this path reinforce key insights through dimensional words and phrases that reflect the advertising agency’s spirit, showcasing collaboration and innovation.

The datum continues through the presentation room into huddle rooms that offer spaces for ideation and creative thinking. In these rooms the datum breaks apart into a simple, graphical expression of motion to reinforce the dynamic nature of Possible’s work and signify that these rooms are spaces to break “out of the box.” The journey finishes at the collaboration space before closing the loop and returning the traveler to the starting point.

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