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limits solar heat gain and glare into the lobby

Lobby Renovation

01 Challenge

AstraZeneca's lobby was aesthetically tired with some outdated design features. The revolving door was not functional, and the circular security desk sat in the middle of the lobby—hindering the security officer’s view and creating a faulty security line. Additionally, the lobby’s all-glass façade created a glare and was inefficient. Further inside, the staircase presented other safety issues. When climbing the stairs, there was movement and fluctuation on certain steps. Needless to say, a renovation was necessary. 

02 Solution

Through a series of visioning sessions, BHDP and AstraZeneca developed design drivers to guide the project. The renovated lobby needed to be secure, welcoming, and functional. The team proposed creating a new vestibule, to be placed on the exterior of the lobby, that would involve a new roof system—keeping the sun from penetrating the space. BHDP’s strategy team analyzed seven days of security data to understand day-to-day traffic and made decisions to improve security and revitalize the look and feel of the space.

Quick Facts

Location West Chester, OH

Completion Date 2019

Size 2,700 SF