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Informed, Creative, Inspirational Solutions

A winning strategy forms the foundation on which stable, sustainable organizations stand. At BHDP, we combine quantitative data and qualitative information to assess the key criteria that matter most to you, your stakeholders, and your people. We then synthesize analytical intelligence with design thinking to deliver design strategies that are tailored to the needs of your organization. Informed by strategy, we lead our clients through an integrated process to convert ideas into actions and outcomes designed to lead your organization forward. We are a team of analysts, strategists, researchers, and designers united by a fascination with human behavior and a passion for delivering informed, creative, and inspirational solutions that achieve results for our clients.

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Workplace Strategy

A holistic workplace strategy takes into account how your workforce, work processes, and workplace intersect. We work with you to understand your business, culture, organizational structure, workplaces, work processes, talent pools, technology, and brand—all of the key factors that influence performance. We then develop a flexible, scalable workplace strategy customized to your organization's needs. This process often results in the development of workplace guidelines, and we advise testing, measuring, and iterating as needed.

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Integrative Strategic Design

Strategy and analytics are an integrated component of our Design Process. We combine appreciative inquiry and design thinking to suspend judgment, pose challenging questions, lead compelling engagements, and gather perspectives, perceptions, and preferences from our clients’ stakeholders. We then establish strategic criteria to serve as guidelines for the work ahead. From there, we collaborate to craft a shared vision for the future and align resources.