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Our Commitment

At BHDP, our promise to Design for People is the result of an elevated commitment to designing spaces and experiences that promote the health of people and the communities we impact.

With LEED- and WELL-Accredited Professionals on staff, we infuse our philosophy to deliver sustainable experiences and best practices into every project. We also help our clients gain a deeper understanding of how their people and environmental goals can inform design decisions that impact health, wellbeing, productivity, project lifecycle, and ultimately our global ecosystem. We recognize the importance that design has on indoor air quality, reduced energy usage and water consumption, occupant comfort, access to nature, and opportunities to live an active lifestyle.

Man walking down stairs at Altria HQ

How We Elevate Our Promise

Our Six Focus Areas

Indoor Air Quality

  • Air Quality
  • Material Selection
  • Enhanced Ventilation


  • Energy Modeling
  • Mechanical and Electrical Opportunities


  • Water Reduction
  • Water Quality
  • Drinking Water Promotion
  • Water Trends

Occupant Comfort

  • Acoustical Comfort
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Daylighting Strategies
  • Lighting Level
  • Lighting Color Temperature

Access to Nature

  • Biophilic Design
  • Access to Views
  • Restorative Spaces
  • Mindfulness

Active Design

  • Activity Spaces
  • Access to Stairs
  • Visual and Physical Ergonomics