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bee garden supports flowering plants in all four seasons and serves as an outdoor learning environment

North American Bee Care Center

01 Challenge

Bayer CropScience, a global chemical and pharmaceutical enterprise, selected BHDP to create the Bayer North American Bee Care Center. The first of its kind in North America and only the second worldwide, the Bee Care Center provides a collaborative space for scientific research and community engagement intent on advancing bee science and educating the public on bee care development. 

02 Solution

BHDP designed a center that balances research activities and environmental awareness. Inside, visitors can participate in hands-on learning through interactive displays as well as live learning sessions. Research labs allow scientists to explore bee diseases and pests, and a two-acre bee garden surrounds the facility and supports flowering plants in all four seasons.

Rendering of the facility

Quick Facts

Size 5,300 SF

Completion Date 2014

Location Research Triangle Park, NC

“The center helps us leave a better world through protecting pollinator health and providing a more sustainable future for growers who depend on honey bees to pollinate their crops. The research and development innovations developed here are a necessary component of providing enough safe, healthy food to nourish a rapidly expanding global population.”

Jim Blome, President and CEO Bayer CropScience LP