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In our Trends + Tensions Podcast, we explore the inherent conflicts between emerging trends and longstanding traditions in the design of workplace, higher education, and retail environments. Our popular podcast explores the impact these trends and other influential factors may have on the future design of places where we all work, learn, shop, and live. With contributions from experts and representative clients from our various markets, there is always a lively discussion on what is working, what is not working, and what is next. Tune in to hear a wealth of perspectives on architecture and design topics.

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The Trends + Tensions podcast isn’t Brian Trainer’s first time behind the mic. When most teenagers only wanted their driver’s licenses, Brian had an FCC operator’s license and was a DJ for his high school radio station WLMH 89.1FM. Workplace Senior Strategist by day, his natural curiosity and desire to learn through conversation make for great interviews with industry leaders in architecture, design, corporate real estate, retail, and higher education. For Brian, his favorite moments happen when he least suspects it. “Sometimes I think I know an answer when I ask a question, and I’m always delighted when I’m wrong.”

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