When Laboratory and Workplace Design Converge

"When Laboratory and Workplace Design Converge" Jaysson Eicholtz, Shannon Ryan, Daniel Lessing

A workplace is wherever people are working. Therefore, a laboratory is as much of a workplace as any office, and keeping people as a focus when designing is just as important for employee success, retention, and attraction. When gene therapy development company Forge Biologics began the process to renovate their facility—a combination of laboratories, offices, collaboration spaces, and more—the design team kept this principle central to their process. Our guests are Jaysson Eicholtz, Co-Founder and COO of Forge; Shannon Ryan, BHDP Senior Interior Designer on the project; and Daniel Lessing, BHDP Client Leader with experience in the cell and gene therapy sector.

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Podcast Contributors

Shannon Ryan

Shannon Ryan, Senior Interior Designer

As an interior designer, Shannon Ryan’s passion for design is driven by the ability to understand the client and create a unique, timeless, and functional space. As a designer, she understands that people define an organization’s culture, so it is important to analyze how the space can create a positive impact on the users. Through strategy and communication with the client, her designs balance the intricacies of the built environment with the personalities of the team’s culture. Shannon’s professional experiences range from corporate to higher education design with an expertise in furniture.

Daniel Lessing

Daniel Lessing, Client Leader

Daniel brings over 17 years of experience in plant and environmental engineering, project planning, and construction management to BHDP. As a Client Leader on the Industrial team, Daniel continues to develop his expertise in team management and strategic thinking for both national and international projects. As a global-minded professional, he is well versed in the creation of highly technical and sustainable buildings. He is skilled in meeting aggressive schedules that are on time and under budget and can lead project through from site selection to building occupancy.

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