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energy usage in comparison to the former facility

Research and Innovation Center

01 Challenge

In response to rising competition, Cliffs (formerly AK Steel) renewed their commitment to meet the needs of their customers by accelerating their ability to create new products and new steel manufacturing processes. They asked BHDP to create a new state-of-the-art building to replace their 85-year-old research and development facility and improve their organization’s innovation effectiveness.

02 Solution

BHDP was engaged to plan inventory, equipment, and process requirements for the new facility. The building features 65,000 SF of pilot production process spaces, 25,000 SF of laboratories used for wet chemistry, analytical chemistry, mechanical testing, imaging, and magnetic testing, 35,000 SF of office space, and 12,000 SF of conference space. 

Quick Facts

Size 137,000 SF

Location Middletown, OH

Completion Date 2017

Due to Cliffs' new open work environment, employees are generating more ideas at a faster pace. BHDP positioned the labs closer to the open offices and carefully sequenced them, making it easier to transfer information and results. High ceilings encircled by glass panels and conference rooms with glass walls create an airy environment filled with natural light.

With this facility, innovating is easier than ever. 

This building is a physical representation of the value we put on innovation.

Katherine Bruce, Associate Engineer, Process Research