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OVER 70,000

SF of an immersive, sensory-centric, and technology-rich experience

Herald Square

01 Challenge

Recognizing the need to attract younger shoppers with extensive buying power, Macy’s asked BHDP to develop a brand-new shopping destination for women ages 13-22 in their iconic Herald Square location. Dubbed One Below, the 53,000-SF space offers an immersive, sensory-centric, and technology-rich experience punctuated with moments of discovery.

02 Solution

Specifically, One Below features New York City as a leading character in the design—a nod to the location’s popularity for tourists. A dedicated “selfie wall” featuring a touchscreen by which customers can capture and share personal portraits and an edgy yet approachable aesthetic that embodies the energy of the millennial customer work together to share the integrated story of the Macy’s brand, Herald Square, and New York. 

Macy's sketch

Quick Facts

Size 70,680 SF

Location New York City, NY

Completion Date 2015