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Built in 1972,

Forker Lab houses Penn State Shenango’s largest classroom—The Forum.

Forker Laboratory

01 Challenge

Forker Laboratory, a Penn State Shenango landmark building built in 1972, required renovations to modernize the interior and match Penn State’s reputation for excellence. To evaluate cost and options for interior upgrades, Penn State enlisted BHDP to develop a feasibility study with recommendations. Then, once the project obtained approval, BHDP was tasked with bringing that study to fruition. 

02 Solution

Firstly, BHDP worked closely with Penn State to identify design drivers for the project. Goals included increased enrollment and academic engagement, technology enhancement, and flexibility for years to come. Subsequent building renovations involved upgrades to teaching laboratories, core areas, and building mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. 

Rendering of a common area at Forker Laboratory

Quick Facts

Location Sharon, PA

Completion Date 2021

Size 36,000 SF

Forker Lab is at the heart of our campus, and this renovation will upgrade the building to match the high level that our faculty are already teaching at.

Jo Ann Carrick, Campus Director for Penn State Shenango