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are located on the first floor to foster innovation and collaboration

The Gym

01 Challenge

BHDP's strong relationship with Procter and Gamble (P&G) continues to expand and grow with new projects. P&G needed to relocate “The Gym,” a collaborative work environment for on-site facilitated workshops previously held off-site. Looking to move The Gym to one of their Cincinnati campuses, P&G enlisted our firm to design an inclusive space for employees to find the resources, training, and support they need to catalyze innovation with intent, efficiency, and quality.

02 Solution

The Gym caters to a wide range of workstyles and people while providing a functional, community-focused, and cutting-edge destination that embraces “onsite is the new offsite.” The center of the facility features a main corridor with views into each workshop room, allowing natural light and ideas to flow freely throughout the space, and a patterned window film balances focus and privacy. Studios, located off the corridor, serve as employee meeting and breakout rooms—with additional meeting spaces on the second floor. 

Sketch of The Gym's snack bar.

Quick Facts

Location Cincinnati, OH

Completion Date 2022

Size 17,800 SF