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make up Quantum's culture: Sanctuary, Stick With ‘Em, Warrior, Friendship, and Expertise

Corporate Headquarters

01 Challenge

Since their launch in 1999, Quantum Health has been changing the healthcare industry, and they are doing so at a rapid pace. Due to their skyrocketing growth, Quantum needed to reimagine their forever home. As BHDP quickly learned, Quantum has a one-of-a-kind culture. To fully understand their business drivers, culture, people, processes, and ideal future needs, BHDP led a robust strategic engagement. 

02 Solution

Through leadership visioning sessions and conversations with associates, a vision emerged: a workplace experience that elevates their culture, provides employee sanctuary, enables connection, and accommodates improved amenities in an environment that celebrates Quantum’s brand—ultimately building employee pride and becoming a magnet that attracts and retains the best talent.

Quick Facts

Size 200,000 SF

Completion Date 2020

Location Columbus, OH