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make up Quantum's culture: Sanctuary, Stick With ‘Em, Warrior, Friendship, and Expertise

Corporate Headquarters

01 Challenge

Since their launch in 1999, Quantum Health has been changing the healthcare industry, and they are doing so at a rapid pace. Due to their skyrocketing growth, Quantum needed to reimagine their forever home. As BHDP quickly learned, Quantum has a one-of-a-kind culture. To fully understand their business drivers, culture, people, processes, and ideal future needs, BHDP led a robust strategic engagement. 

02 Solution

Through leadership visioning sessions and conversations with associates, a vision emerged: a workplace experience that elevates their culture, provides employee sanctuary, enables connection, and accommodates improved amenities in an environment that celebrates Quantum’s brand—ultimately building employee pride and becoming a magnet that attracts and retains the best talent.

Quick Facts

Size 200,000 SF

Completion Date 2020

Location Columbus, OH

Employees sit on couches right next to a cafe

Coolest Office in Columbus

Quantum Health’s headquarters was officially named Central Ohio’s “coolest office” by Columbus Business First. Competing with 16 other entrants and capturing a fifth of the total votes, this top-to-bottom renovation reflects Quantum's one-of-a-kind culture. Check out the article to learn more.

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The Place Where Quantum's Culture Comes Alive

The heartbeat of Quantum Health’s new headquarters is on the lower level. It is a celebratory gathering space that holistically embodies Quantum’s culture and community. Warriors can travel down to this amenity space to collaborate, meet, eat, play—or simply relax.

Because the floor’s theme is Sanctuary, branded messaging is less overt and the focus on community and culture is turned up a notch. The wall graphics embody the quirky, playfulness of the company by leveraging bright colors, patterns, and illustrations to inspire and uplift teams, while others are intentionally subtle and subdued to encourage quiet activity.

Limitless Opportunities for Connection 

The lower level is naturally a vast space with very few walls or permanent dividers, so areas are designated for activity by furniture settings and acoustic barriers. A balance of energetic spaces with quiet zones creates a cadence of different activities throughout the floor.

The Hungry Warrior Café

The café offers several different food options—from pizza to sandwiches and salad—and food can even be ordered ahead of time via smartphone, simplifying the dining experience and enabling Warriors to fully recharge so they can continue their mission to take care of others. 

The Den

For a fun break from work, employees can check out the den. Colorful carpet, comfy couches, and a flat-screen tv create a laid-back gathering space perfect for a lunch break or afternoon pick-me-up. For some lighthearted competition, employees can play a game of pool or shuffleboard.

The Java Spot

When needing a warm cup of coffee, look no further than the java spot. Inside this zone, attention-to-detail is evident—a functional fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere, and above the bar, a custom grate light fixture provides a pop of the signature Quantum green.

The Respite Zone

Complete relaxation is found in the respite area. Full-height glass windows provide a calming view outside, and exposed black ceilings and acoustic baffles control sound and add an aesthetic touch. When employees sink into the couches or grab a hanging egg chair, they feel embraced by the Quantum hug.