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relationship between Wendy's and BHDP has continued to evolve and grow

01 Challenge

A long-term client of BHDP, Wendy’s was looking to upgrade several key areas of their Restaurant Support Center in Dublin, OH. These areas were underutilized and provided an opportunity to help showcase Wendy's dedication to their company culture. Each space on campus required a unique plan for updating and optimizing square footage to benefit employees and maximize the intent behind the designated areas.

02 Solution

First, our goal was to relocate their in-house cafe to create a destination point for employees and visitors. Additionally, for their R&D kitchen—the Innovation Kitchen—Wendy’s desired an inspirational, innovative working environment that is functional and impressive. Lastly, we elevated their board room into a contemporary and professional meeting place. Armed with knowledge from various focus groups and visioning sessions, our teams transformed these spaces while maintaining Wendy’s brand.

Quick Facts

Location Dublin, OH

SF Various

Completion Date 2021

Interior image of Innovation Kitchen at Wendy's newly renovated corporate headquarters

Innovation Kitchen

The Innovation Kitchen features a presentation area, cooking lines equipped with Wendy’s restaurant equipment, a culinary kitchen for food demonstrations, and other amenities to assist in development and inspire employees. People tend to think of research and development areas as concealed and secretive spaces, but the Innovation Kitchen celebrates the opposite by minimizing hard walls between spaces and using glass partitions to create transparency and connectedness for team members and visitors.

Interior image of Production Room within Wendy's newly renovated corporate headquarters


Wendy's needed a space where creatives could come together and have the studio, storage, and collaborative space needed to be successful. We kicked off this project with a general meeting of what their team envisioned for the space and then initiated weekly updates with the team to capture the evolving equipment, graphics, and functional needs for the studio. The resulting design is simple and sophisticated with a touch of industrial edge that checks all functionality boxes and fulfills the team's desire for a bad-ass space.

Interior image of Four Corner Café within Wendy's newly renovated corporate headquarters

Four Corner Café

Wendy’s existing campus café was situated in the basement of the building, which was not accessible or inviting. Wendy’s wanted to resituate the café elsewhere on the campus where more natural sunlight could permeate the space and people could visit for longer periods of time rather than just grab food and go. Through focus groups and research, BHDP was able to successfully identify employee preferences and implement their findings into a redefined version of a corporate cafeteria. The Four Corner Café connects people together in a unique and purposeful space centered around what the company does best—food.