As one of the larger, more prominent buildings in downtown Cincinnati’s central business district, the new owners of the Columbia Plaza hired BHDP to give this high profile building a well-deserved face lift beginning with its main lobby. BHDP’s mission was to bring new vigor and a sense of arrival that would support the size and scale of this substantial 30-story office building.

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Faced with a challenging 3.9K sf footprint, much smaller than the functions required, the low ceilings and finishes were not appropriate for the scale. BHDP’s new entry sequence design expanded the original space beyond the exterior façade of the building and added significantly taller glazing that stretches to the second floor allowing more light can filter into the lobby’s interior spaces. This dramatic design provides additional surface area to accommodate new soft seating and a drawing entry point, while including a few vestibule entries to encourage an increase in foot traffic. On the interior of the lobby, timeless finishes were applied to allow for the fixtures within to be adaptable over time and let the fixed design to stand strong. These solutions helped take the new space to the next level and added nearly 5K sf to the outdated lobby, making it more inviting larger, brighter; and ultimately, more usable.

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