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Office Renovation

01 Challenge

With an increase in employees working from home and an evolving purpose for their Charlotte office, WTW signed a lease in a brand-new building to start fresh with a blank canvas. Many of WTW’s employees worked remotely before the move, so the new space serves as a functional connection point for clients while pushing beyond the company's standards to adhere to their future vision. BHDP worked closely with WTW's employees to identify the desired aesthetic and the space needs for users.

02 Solution

Located on the sixth floor of the Vantage Building's East Tower, the 9,000-SF space is designed to reflect the needs and lifestyle of WTW's employees and clients with a vibrant, state-of-the-art space. High-end materials, areas to socialize, and private spaces for financial discussions greet visitors, invoking a trustworthy atmosphere. In the employee work area, collaboration areas, huddle rooms, and spaces for focus work are filled with natural light, providing employees with a prime view of downtown Charlotte.

Quick Facts

Location Charlotte, NC

Size 9,000 SF

Completion Date 2023