Elizabeth Griswold: Using Design Thinking in Marketing Recap

By James Benson

The October Program for SMPS Research Triangle was led by Elizabeth Griswold, a Senior Graphic Designer at EwingCole. Elizabeth was invited back to speak after a very well-received Coordinator’s Club presentation. October’s program was all about Design Thinking, and how to apply it to marketing. Another way of looking at it would be – “How Do We Stand Out?”

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Elizabeth helped to explain the basic principles of Design Thinking, emphasizing that remaining human-centered with the focus on people will lead to better results. This has proven to be successful not only from an architectural/engineering design standpoint, but also with marketing. By being methodical in our approach to Design Thinking, the result is an increase in engagement, and a better chance of being memorable.

So how does this work? Design Thinking is a process. The process starts by asking the important questions, the old “who, what, where, when, why” is a crucial first step. By addressing questions like “Who is the Audience,” “What Do They Want to See,” and “Where Do They Find Answers,” a tailored design can be crafted. Next, Rapid Prototyping – a series of quick trial runs, helps to narrow in on a solution. By brainstorming, sketching, and modeling, several ideas can be generated in a short period of time. Finally, an important step, generate both quantitative and qualitative infographics. Infographics help break up boring text with graphs and imagery, and not only look great, but also help to emphasize key points and stand out to someone doing a quick skim.

To wrap up the program, Elizabeth walked us through an example of the process, and showed us that, with a few simple steps, Design Thinking can truly transform anything we create.

Originally posted on SMPS