Celebrating 10 Years of Impact: The Armstrong Student Center at Miami University

Miami University 10 year celebration of the Armstrong Student Center

Pictured above: Tom Sens, BHDP Client Leader, and Katie Wilson, Director of the Armstrong Student Center (ASC), celebrate more than a decade-long relationship from the initial planning of the ASC to its 10-year built anniversary.

March 12, 2024, marked a significant milestone for Miami University's Oxford, OH, campus: the 10-year anniversary of the Armstrong Student Center's grand opening. This commemoration was not just about a building; it was about the profound impact this facility has had on the Miami student experience.

The Armstrong Student Center design was a collaboration between William Rawn Associates and BHDP Architecture. The design process involved multiple student focus group sessions and a student survey to fully understand what was needed in this new student center. Thus, this facility is dedicated entirely to the Miami University community and promoting the "Miami Experience." The design team transformed three existing buildings into a vibrant center, focusing on student socialization, group and individual study, professional development, recreation, dining, and events. 

The Armstrong Student Center Key presented to Mike and Anne Armstrong

The Armstrong Student Center Key presented to Mike and Anne Armstrong.

By the Numbers: A Decade of Influence

I served as the Client Leader for this project, and as a Miami Alum, I have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing its positive impact through the years. Over the past decade, the Armstrong Student Center has been a hub of activity, hosting over 19,000 events in the Fritz Pavilion alone. These events ranged from admission events to weddings, student shows, conferences, and student organization events, showcasing the diverse uses of this vibrant space.

One of the center's key features is its study rooms, with over 134,573 reservations made to accommodate students' need for group study spaces. This dedication to providing resources for academic success underscores the center's commitment to holistic student development.

Students using the Shade Family Room as a social and study hub

The Shade Family Room serves as both a social and study hub.

Additionally, the Armstrong Student Center has been a significant employer, with 519 student employees, many of whom were younger siblings of current or former students. This aspect not only provided valuable work experience but also strengthened the sense of community within the center.

The Armstrong Student Center's impact extends beyond its physical spaces. It has become a symbol of student life at Miami University, embodying the university's commitment to providing a holistic and enriching student experience.

As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to witnessing the Armstrong Student Center's continued impact on the Miami student experience. If you want to dive more into this project, check out the project story on our website.

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Written by

Tom Sens

Tom Sens, Client Leader

With over 30 years of experience, Tom works closely with his higher education clients to understand their vision and values, identify strategic goals, and translate this understanding into the design of physical space that promotes learning, discovery, and innovation among students and faculty. He builds strong relationships with his clients and coordinates the efforts of architects, engineers, and key client stakeholders to achieve successful, data driven results. Tom’s experience includes visioning, programming, and design for new construction and renovation projects including libraries, classrooms, collaborative learning environments, and research and teaching laboratories.

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