Insights from NeoCon 2024: BHDP Designers Share Their Key Takeaways

Three BHDP employees pose for a photo at NeoCon 2024

NeoCon, North America's largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors, is an event that BHDP looks forward to every year. Our designers attend to gain insights into the latest design trends, innovative products, and emerging technologies while networking with industry professionals. This year was no exception. From exploring cutting-edge showrooms to engaging with knowledgeable vendor representatives, our team immersed themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of NeoCon. 

Throughout the event, our designers participated in a whirlwind of activities, including product tours, interactive sessions, and social gatherings with fellow design professionals. These experiences allowed us to see and feel the products we specify in our projects, bringing a tangible element to our design process. We're excited to share the key takeaways from our NeoCon 2024 experience, highlighting the trends and innovations that will shape the future of our work at BHDP.

Latest Design Trends 

Karlee Brune, Interior Designer: NeoCon 2024 highlighted a commitment to innovation and well-being, setting the stage for the next wave of workplace evolution. The trend that stole the show was biophilic design, with exhibitors integrating natural elements like living walls and sustainable materials to foster a healthier environment. Smart furniture equipped with AI capabilities demonstrated the evolution towards interactive workspaces, where desks and chairs adjusted intuitively to user preferences. Minimalist aesthetics paired with vibrant, nature-inspired colors dominated interiors, reflecting a shift towards creating calming yet energizing work environments.

, nesting ottomans mimic steppingstones and nest seamlessly into each other.

In the OFS showroom, nesting ottomans mimic steppingstones and nest seamlessly into each other.

Innovative Products 

Framery’s accessible office pod is a solution to ensure workplaces can provide everyone access to private spaces.

Framery’s accessible office pod ensures workplaces can provide everyone access to private spaces.

Eliza Ehlen, Interior Designer: Innovation can be found at Neocon in a variety of ways—whether it’s expanding upon past innovations to make them more universally accessible, finding new manufacturing solutions to create a more sustainable product life cycle, or creating beautiful statement pieces that serve both form and function. 

Standalone phone booths and meeting pods are not new to the industry, but they were not previously designed for full accessibility. Framery has updated a version of its pod to make it fully ADA accessible without stripping away any features to make it feel so different from its “standard” pods. It’s equipped with an automatic door opener, a low doorstep, and folding tables and seats to accommodate the proper turn radius. 

Keilhauer’s Dais seating collection proves that function, comfort, and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

Keilhauer’s Dais seating collection proves that function, comfort, and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

Sustainability initiatives are taking place across many sectors of the industry, but nowhere is it more prevalent than in flooring. New to Neocon this year is Patcraft’s Waste Knot hybrid flooring collection, composed of an average of 49 PET bottles in one square yard that can then be recycled into more flooring at the end of its life. Other manufacturers taking large sustainability initiatives in flooring’s life cycle include but are not limited to Shaw, Mohawk, and Interface. When it comes to form and function, Bernhardt’s Ice table collection, Keilhauer’s Dais seating collection, and Zintra’s Mesh acoustic ceiling product were very much visual showstoppers but could each serve their own respective purpose of a side or coffee table, a comfortable lounge chair, and impact acoustic privacy. For more innovative products, check out the Best of Neocon award winners.

Emerging Technologies 

Zachary Siemer, Interior Designer: At this year's NeoCon, rather than introducing brand-new technologies, I observed a significant refinement of existing technologies that have gained popularity in recent years. For example, height-adjustable paddles now feature LEDs that illuminate to show the height of the work surface, a subtle yet effective integration seen across various manufacturers and products. 

LED lights on an adjustable desk display the table height

Height-adjustable paddles feature LEDs illuminating the desk’s height, allowing users to find their best fit.

Another noticeable trend was the enhancement of accessibility in private furniture booths and meeting spaces. AV and lighting systems now offer user adjustability, promoting a universal design approach. Features include HVAC controls for maintaining a comfortable temperature, lighting controls for adjusting brightness and color temperature, and sound masking for acoustic privacy. Integrated AV systems with cameras, screens, and video conferencing capabilities further enhance these spaces. These features embody universal design by allowing each user to customize their environment, making the spaces accessible and comfortable for a broader range of people. 


NeoCon 2024 offered invaluable insights and inspiration for our BHDP designers. The trends, innovative products, and emerging technologies we observed will undoubtedly influence our future projects. We look forward to integrating these learnings into our designs and continuing to push the boundaries of what's possible in the environments we design.

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Headshot Of Karlee Brune

Karlee Brune, Interior Designer

A member of BHDP's Workplace team, Karlee is a highly skilled Interior Designer with a background in high-end residential and workplace design. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and expertise in luxury design, Karlee is a valuable asset to the team.

Eliza Ehlen headshot

Eliza Ehlen , Interior Designer

Eliza embarked on her journey with BHDP's workplace design team following her graduation from the University of Cincinnati. With a background shaped by diverse interior design co-ops, including prior experience at BHDP, she honed her skills in hospitality and workplace design. Eliza's dedication lies in crafting solutions that resonate with each user, blending her technical expertise with a passion for creating impactful design experiences.

Zachary Siemer headshot

Zachary Siemer, Interior Designer

Zachary is an experienced Interior Designer on BHDP's Workplace team, where his passion for crafting transformative interior environments shines through. With a background spanning industrial, hospitality, food service, and retail sectors, Zachary is dedicated to creating experiences that enrich every user's journey through sustainable and timeless design principles. His commitment lies in merging creativity with practicality to deliver spaces that inspire and endure.

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