In the midst of an experience-based economy, people crave rich and significant interactions in every aspect of life, whether it’s in the workplace, on campus, or throughout the world of retail. At BHDP, we provide the means to create visually-rich, storytelling experiences through graphic design that help shape behaviors. Experiential graphic design integrates traditional design tools such as typography, imagery, color, and pattern to produce wayfinding systems, architectural graphics, and artwork, thereby creating environments and experiences that inform, delight, and inspire users. It’s the intersection of your brand equity and the built environment and translates the ideas of your brand into a fully integrated spatial experience by leveraging traditional design tools like typography, imagery, color, and pattern. Experiential Graphic Design is about understanding how people identify with themselves, their institution, and their environment. To learn more about our experiential graphic design services, contact Bill Thiemann at bthiemann@bhdp.com.

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